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Your journey into a lifetime of music starts here!

Music can manifest itself in every human emotion.  Music is powerful; it can inspire and bring joy to everyone.

         Learning to play the piano brings a lifetime of benefits, many of which are unrelated to any ability to actually play.


           When a student studies music, significant elements of his or her education find focus and expression.




                                                           • Developing the ability to understand and use symbols in new contexts


                                                           • Finding and directing the power of personal creativity and self-expression.


                                                           • Exercising the diverse skills of problem solving


                                                           • Participating in the deeply human satisfaction of shared work and meeting new challenges.



Piano Instruction offers exciting possibilities in two directions.




              • Musical intelligence:  Research on intelligence and cognitive function points to the possibility that music may be a form of intelligence,


                 not merely a manifestation of it.  This exciting possibility is well worth exploring for its potential to all forms of education.



             • Developmental gain:  Music education, especially at an early age, can help open the door to important benefits.  Involvement in music


                powerfully reinforces such crucial characteristics as self-esteem, self-discipline, creativity, and self-expression.  It helps develop


                problem-solving skills, integrates subject matter across all curriculums, and correlates highly with overall academic achievement.




"Music connects us to our history, traditions, and heritage."

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