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Linda Ricke


I highly recommend Sandra Palmer and Key Up Piano Studio. As a teacher of adult students myself, although not in music, I understand the challenges of teaching to those who often have more desire than time to give to their studies. Sandra has not only taught me the necessary skills to succeed at playing the piano, but has taught me to relax while at the keyboard, which has greatly improved the musicality of my playing.


Her patience with someone who will never be able to perform at the level of her advanced students demonstrates her ability to work with students of all skill levels.  Her passion for her craft is evident in her lessons and in her playing. Do not hesitate to take piano from this talented teacher; I only wish I had met her sooner.


Linda Ricke, Monticello, Florida


Kate Hill


We unexpectedly struck gold in finding Sandra as a teacher for our son Zach.  It was on a whim that we called based on her advertisement.  Zach had not previously taken lessons and we were given a piano 'hand-me-down' that we did not want to go unused!


Sandra is the most patient and kind-hearted teacher any parent would want for their child.  She takes time to listen, explains the 'why' of the lesson, and is so encouraging.  At the same time she make the lessons fun, she also makes it clear that the student is responsible for their success.


She holds separate classes for the students only, as a means to increase their confidence, and then recitals for family.  I can see my son is already more confident in music, and am grateful for it.


Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Project Manger Kate Hill


Julie Cooper


Mrs. Sandra has truly been a blessing to our family.  As soon as my daughter showed an interest in playing the piano, I began looking for someone to teach her in their home.  She came so highly recommended that the person we spoke with refused to recommend anyone else...he assured us that she was the best, and he was absolutely correct!  She has a passion not only for playing, but also for teaching. 


She takes much care to customize each lesson for her students and, almost from the beginning, has been able to read my daughter like a book.  She has a gift for determining early on which teaching style works best for a particular child, and she teaches in such a way that the child is motivated and truly enjoys learning and progressing to the next level.  She is such an inspiration to us on both a professional and a personal level.  She is one of the kindest, most patient people I have ever met, and it is a gift for our daughter to be able to work with her. 


Julie J. Cooper

Legal Assistant to Garvin B. Bowden, Esq.

Gardner, Bist, Wiener, Wadsworth, Bowden, Bush, Dee, LaVia & Wright, P.A.

1300 Thomaswood Drive

Tallahassee, Florida  32308


Dr. and Mrs. David Doornink of Yakima, Washington


We know Sandra well, both personally and professionally.  Sandra taught piano lessons to four of our children over a period of ten years and we remain in touch to this day.  On a professional level, Sandra is among the best; she prepared our children to be highly successful in each of their musical stages.  She even prepared our oldest daughter to enter college at a highly competitive level (this daughter went on to graduate level in piano performance.)  Sandra teaches with a high level of expertise for all ages.  Included in each lesson are elements of technique, theory, expression, ear-training and often composition.


Perhaps even more importantly is Sandra’s care for and interest in each of her student’s whole person, not just his/her musical abilities.  She encourages students to do their best in all areas of interest, and delightfully teaches life lessons along with music.  For each of our children she soon became a friend and mentor, and inspired them to do great things both in music and in their chosen pursuits and careers.


In summary, Sandra skillfully elicits from her students not only musical ability, but a love of music and love of life.  She is highly recommended!



Dee McMillan, Owner of Colmac Industries, Colville, Washington


A gifted teacher, always professional, she teaches to the individual (not one size fits all!)  I highly recommend her for any level student.  After ten years I still take from her via Skype.  She customizes her lessons with a wide range of music literature and is used by her peers as an adjudicator.



Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Alwine, Deer Park Realty, Washington


Sandra prepared our son for competition each year in which he almost without exception took first or second place.  She always challenged and encouraged him and made sure he was well prepared.  Mrs. Palmer was very professional and at the same time was very caring.  She got to know her students well and met the needs of each one.  She knew when to push and when to let go and when she moved away it was a heart break for us.  She connected us with another teacher who continued to move our son forward.  They joined together helping our son receive a good scholarship at each piano performance at each university audition.  


She inspired him. 


Amanda Cooksey, Umpqua Community College Associate Degree  


Sandra Palmer taught me piano technique, sightreading, agility, and musical expression.  She created opportunities for me to perform for recitals and master classes and instilled in me a love for music.


I came to Sandra sick and tired of piano, but through Sandra’s devotion, sacrifice, hard work and teaching skills, I left the services loving piano more than ever.  She went out of her way to make sure every lesson was profitable and she went beyond the call of duty concerning her preparation for successful concerts.


Although Sandra’s services are more expensive than some, she is worth every penny.  I would recommend Sandra Palmer’s piano studio to anyone who is serious about making beautiful music.  Sandra expects the best from you because she gives the best herself.



Christine Novak, Private Piano Teacher, Iowa


Sandra instructed me for two years.  I performed for several workshops/master classes and prepared a full solo piano recital.  Lessons with Sandy were excellent. She was on time, ready for every lesson; kind, professional, and answered all my questions.  I have never met a more positive person.  She greatly influences my life for the best and inspired me as a teacher.



Colton Kohler, Student from Roseburg, Oregon


Our son Colton is a very busy 7-year old that takes a professional and patient teacher to encourage his full potential.  Sandra had extraordinary skills in teaching along with her talent; she is an outstanding teacher who I recommend as a top quality and qualified teacher.  I highly, highly recommend Sandra for “all” your piano needs. 



Lisa Sedlacek Marcum Piano Studio, Spokane, Washington


Adjudication and master classes were given to 35 students over a two day period.  Professionalism was outstanding, as master teacher she evaluated and instructed each student.


Sandra is an exceptional teacher and pianist.  She engages each student and inspires and impacts them at their development level.  She remains current and creative in her lifetime quest of piano performance mastery and excellence in music education.  



Renee Clavell, Owner of Occasionally Yours -  Roseburg, Oregon


Sandra Palmer provided the highest quality piano instruction to two of my granddaughters.  Upon seeking a new piano teacher for my granddaughter, Sandra Palmer came highly recommended.  Her instruction and methods exceeded our expectations.  Sandra brought out a clear desire to improve and obtain approval. 


Sandra’s teaching skills are superior.  My granddaughters stated that they could not imagine ever being taught by another teacher.  They clearly respect and love her.  I never realized how good the girls could play and I cannot say enough to express my gratitude.



A teacher's true worth is judged by the success of the student.


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